Total Sq Footage Ceiling Height (Peak)
  • Abercrombie Building

    Abercrombie Building

    Total Sq Footage: 22,000
    Ceiling Height (Peak): 20 ft.
  • Augustin Building

    Augustin Building

    Total Sq Footage: 30,000
    Ceiling Height (Peak): 25 ft
  • St. Joseph Casket Building

    St. Joseph Casket Building

    Total Sq Footage: 50,000
    Ceiling Height (Peak): 20 ft
  • Tennessee River Building

    Tennessee River Building

    Total Sq Footage: 15,000
    Ceiling Height (Peak): 20 ft


South Lawrence Economic Development Association is a non-­profit organization dedicated to providing economic growth for South Lawrence County by fostering and encouraging responsible economic and community development activities.

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